Treasure Chest weekend!

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Treasure Chest weekend!

Post by Mike74 on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:53 pm

From Trust Collected Steam group:

This weekend is a free chest unlocking event. There are many reasons for this to happen but unless you come into comms you wont know why it's happening.

The event: find any chest you cant unlock, I will come unlock it for you free of charge. The goal here is to find as many chests as possible gather as many resources as you can of course.

After Sunday I will not be GM opening any chests that are locked. Meaning some explorers will have to work on using their other found lock picks or work on lock picking skill to open the high end ones.

Use this event as much as you can since there is a limited time frame here. We may be removing them in the future but would like feedback before we get to that stage. Any feedback is welcpme, now during the event and after will be collected before making final decisions.

This is also a great weekend to come back to the beginning, build a place for future goods to store to get to market. Come meet new players to recruit them into your village. Or give back to the community. We all welcome you anytime.


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