Special request: please watch the farm!

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Special request: please watch the farm!

Post by Mike74 on Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:10 pm

Hey all,

You all like the food Messinghausen is making for you (and I am farming for you). We love to keep everyone fed, however, it involves a bit of work. We are happy to do this, but we could use a little bit of help with this. It doesn't require a lot of work, but it does require some.

So currently we have three small farm areas. Usually I plant crops in the morning (real time) and/or (if we have many people on) in the beginning of the evening. My farming skill is slowly creeping up, which will give us more yields/crops. But it's not only the farming skill (of the harvester) that is important. Crops increase when they are tended frequently. For every hour a crop is tended through the FARM action (it requires a rake) the quality and quantity of a crop will go up.

So, please. Get a rake and when you have a couple of minutes, rake the crops or if they seem ready (they will show little white or yellow crop thingies) harvest! If Messing and myself are not online, feel free to harvest! Even a bad harvest still multiplies the investment x2 and this is always better than just letting it rot.

Messing and myself will still be doing the lions share of the work but we want to keep making lovely food for everyone. So please help us a little bit when we are not online! If we wouldn't create this food for you, you'd still be investing way more time to get food (either by foraging or fishing or hunting) and low level cooks only provide low level food.



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