Horde of the Summons has fallen.. Big problem for us!!

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Horde of the Summons has fallen.. Big problem for us!!

Post by Mike74 on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:38 am

So this was just posted by Brew on the Steam forums:

2 of the 3 major hots players have switched over to the pirate MR faction on super happy. 1 player is left in hots, but has been inactive and or considering the return trip to the beginning.

It is official to say HoTS has fallen, and it is now the pirates vs the universe.

Be wary, times are changing. I would be tightening up security or moving back home to the beginning pve area if you need RL time to take a break from the life on the high seas.


This could mean big trouble for us! There goes our deal, and the pirate faction will probably raid villages.. Our location is by now well known.. Be very careful with whatever you are doing and LOCK your stuff away! Locks are nog 100% protection but at least it will take time for people if they do decide to raid Sovran Harbor!


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